Burying the dead is one of the Corporal Works of Mercy, and our staff is committed to providing professional care for the earthly remains of the faithful departed and compassionate service to families. Our beautiful grounds and well-maintained columbariums and mausoleums pay tribute to those who have gone before us, while providing a place of prayer, peace and serenity for family and friends.


The interment of a deceased person requires many ongoing checks and balances to insure that no mistakes occur during this important procedure. These checks and balances are performed by both our Administrative Staff and our Field Staff, before, during and after an interment is made. The actual opening and closing of a grave is only a small part of this fee. The fee also provides for many immediate and future services, such as grounds maintenance and tree trimming, expected by our lot holders. The final services at the time of burial that are conducted in the cemetery are included in this fee.


The Diocese of Charleston Cemeteries require that all caskets and urns be placed in a permanent outer burial container, called a vault, as a protection against future grave settling. Vaults for caskets must be obtained through a Funeral Director. Beginning January 2, 2020 urn vaults for the cremated remains of the body will be included in the cost of opening and closing the grave.


As a requirement of the Church, all burials must be memorialized by a permanent grave marker. Temporary markers are permitted but must be replaced with a permanent marker within one (1) year of burial.

A monument or marker placed in the Catholic Cemeteries should be reflective of the deceased’s belief in the resurrection as well as being a long-term memorial to the deceased, made of first-grade granite or high-grade bronze. There are many companies who sell inferior granite and bronze so it is important to purchase from a reputable, local supplier.

The Diocese of Charleston offers our families the highest quality markers and monuments at affordable prices, which include all taxes and fees, a concrete foundation and professional installation. We do not charge extra per word or image. A single flat marker made of grey granite quarried in Georgia and including a free vase and your first flower bouquet is only $633 complete. Upright markers, also with a free, optional vase and first flower bouquet, start as little as $1,000 complete. Affordable Memorial Portraits options are also available.

Should you chose to purchase from another supplier you must first submit a Monument Authorization Form for approval prior to the start of any work. This is done to ensure every monument is produced to standard, is of the correct size for the grave or graves owned, and that it is fitting a religious cemetery. There is an administrative fee when bringing in a marker or monument from the outside. This fee is for the protection of all our families and includes verification of ownership, confirmation of burial and ensures proper placement of the memorial. Finally, it is our staff that physically prepares the earth to receive the monument or marker.