The Order of Christian Funerals presents the Church’s plan for the celebration of the death of one the faithful. These rites assume the presence of the body, but adaptations are available for those choosing cremation. The Order of Christian Funerals consists of three parts:

  • Vigil and Related Rites and Prayers
  • The Funeral Liturgy and
  • The Rite of Committal

The “Vigil and Related Rites and Prayers” gives family and friends an opportunity to gather in the presence of the deceased and offer support and prayers to and for each other as well as the deceased, and recall their Christian life. The “Funeral Liturgy”, frequently celebrated within Mass, but which may be celebrated outside of Mass, allows us to relive the Easter mystery and Christ’s promise of eternal life. The “Rite of Committal” is our farewell to our beloved brother or sister in Christ. At this time we turn over the care of our loved one to the cemetery as we await the resurrection of the dead along with the Communion of Saints.