Interment in the ground in a grave remains the most widely used form of burial. Graves are generally of two types, either permitting a lawn level (flat) marker, or permitting an upright family monument. Sections 3 and 4 in Holy Cross Cemetery are our “Flat” sections. They offer the most affordable cost per grave but are limited to flat markers. Graves may accommodated both full-body, casket burial and burial of the cremated remains (make cremated remains of the body a link to the Cremation FAQs) of the body. Smaller, cremation only graves are also available in our Holy Cross Cemetery.

Graves may be purchased in single quantities in both the flat and upright monument sections with the exception of Section 7. Section 7 requires the purchase of graves in pairs with a minimum purchase of 2 graves. Graves in Section 7 have a larger minimum monument size requirement.

Each grave is sold for the use of one person. An Additional Right of Interment may be purchased which would allow a second cremation burial. The maximum number of burials in a grave (excluding cremation only graves), with the purchase of an Additional Right of Interment, are as follows:

  • One full-body, casket burial and one urn burial of the cremated remains
  • One full-body casket burial and one infant burial
  • Two cremated remains burials

Future care of all graves is included in the purchase price.